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I notice that G.s psychology is very different to that I have studied can you explain its relevance for today.?


First let us make a general comment - so-called 'modern' psychology is childish. It is in the same state in 2013 as science was in the middle ages - and that is being kind!

G.s system is not the sort of thing erected by Freud but a working description of our psychic machine. As such is is not in competition with any modern theory but should be considered as a way in which we can overcome our disjointed nature. By following our reaction to external and internal events we can begin to see the extent of our psychic shortcomings and move on to better integration.

You must take this very seriously if you are a determined follower of the Forth Way. Moving from the chaos of man no. 1.2.and 3 to man no. 4 is the beginning of all the work you have to do on yourself. Watch but dont try to make improvements straight away - let the light in!