GURDJIEFF and Ian Phillips Lawrence

A personal message from Ian

"I encountered Gurdjieff's ideas as the natural extension of a quest for ever more effective methods by which my top management clients could achieve higher personal power. After five years of casting about I found a group of old Gurdjieffians -  who had all been with the 'great man' during the 1920's and 30's.  Some time later these people encouraged me to start a preparatory group.

This was in 1980, and because of the wide publicity generated by the marketing I did for this group, many people wrote to me from other parts of the UK and America asking how they could receive training in Gurdjieffs methods. In response - and remembering my own five years of seeking - I created a correspondence course. In the Institute we already had a correspondence course running and it was not difficult to administer a second - although in this case I had to be the sole tutor. This University level course moves into its 29th year in 2013. You can see the brochure for this course by clicking 'Brochures'.

During the ensuing years the lack of a comprehensive preparatory book - one that contained all of Gurdjieff's main ideas - became apparent. Using part of the correspondence course material I created 'Gurdjieff : Meditation and Colouring Book'. This remains the only comprehensive book on Gurdjieff's ideas which incorporates the extensions of his most important followers - and Gurdjieff's own 'Beelzebubs Tales to his Grandson'. You can see details by clicking 'Books' on the  main home page menu.

Despite my best efforts, only a few people in my groups really grasped and worked with Gurdjieff's ideas. I found out why this was so and wrote 'Gurdjieff : The Good Obyvatal', to prepare people to receive the practicality of the teaching. The method of 'character assimilation' explained in this book is also the manual for the Institute's GO Training courses for top management. You can see details by clicking 'Books' on the main home page menu.

The final book in my trilogy on Gurdjieff's ideas is in preparation and will be an advanced tutorial for those who have already achieved 'objectivity'. As you will have noticed everything which I do - in regard to Gurdjieff - is to help people achieve the most rapid and certain understanding of his ideas - with the aim of increasing personal power - and eventually secure immortality. From the start I have seen Gurdjieff as a 'means' - the most powerful means available to achieve personal aims.

Most people do not understand - although we are warned enough times by Gurdjieff - that no progress can be made in The Fourth Way unless you 'see objectively'. This is an elevated level of being - which only occurs when a person has taken a suitable profession to a high level - where they can see the patterns behind their work. The Institute has chosen three professions as the most productive entry into the 'objective thinking state' - The Way of the Craftsman - the Way of the Merchant and the Way of the Leader. Manuals -  for the achievement of each of these 'ways' have been available in my Institute for some time, but they will be generally available when the time is right.


The Institute traces its origins to a series of professional partnerships that first came together in 1962 under the name Industrial Control Consultants. The aim was to extend the established techniques of work measurement, quality control and production management and find methods to dramatically increase the efficiency of industry. Early discoveries had to be presented so the company amalgamated with a design and sales promotion company, Ian Lawrence Associates.  This resulted in a unique way of working - clients were asked to  allow the Consultants to do their presentation and quality work for them and based on that success train the client companies staff to emulate the excellent results. This was particularly successful as the standards of British industry were very low - particularly in sales. The partners worked in many industries and operated in retail, technical and speciality sales organisations.

The partners were visible exponents of the various 'schools of management' and founder members of the Sales Promotion Executives Association. They pioneered new methods of sales training at the Management Studies Centre and were responsible for arranging lecture tours by leading US management theorists; in partnership with the British Institute of Management. As many of the incoming theories were flawed in practice all the partners activities in marketing, sales training and craft appreticeship training were placed under Ian Lawrence as the first Principal of the newly formed Institute of Universal Energies.  The aim was seen as a need to raise vision and improve skills in realisation. 

The formation of 'Lawrian' - an ideal renaissance goldsmiths workshop was the first vehicle by which experiments to understand the fundamentals of human learning and motivation could be carried out. Within five years Lawrian craftsmen were unbeatable in international competitions. Twenty years of using the ideas of others were replaced by more powerful techniques created from within the Institute. A separate avenue of research studied human potential methods and practical philosophies to find ways to increase vision. The discovery of G.I. Gurdjieffs synthesis of inner teachings completely revitalised and crystallised all the activities of the Institute.